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Ta Vrahakia

Hotel, Tavern - Restaurant Sarti Chalkidiki


Sarti is a traditional fishing village located at the edge of the second leg of Halkidiki, on the eastern coast of the Sithonia Peninsula. The name "Sarti" is found in Herodotus, who mentions the ancient city as the station of the Xerxes campaign.

Sarti is one of the most famous villages in the area with crystal clear waters and amazing beaches ending on green slopes and forests with rich and varied vegetation, thus giving the visitor the opportunity to enjoy the mountain and the sea.

For years, Sarria is awarded a Blue Flag for its clean coastline and is an ideal destination for water sports and fishing.

Apart from the beautiful Sarti beach, you can go to the nearby beaches of Sykia and Kavourotrypas beach, which is considered to be one of the best beaches in the world and is located 7 km from Sarti.